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Voltrove V2 30mm(Mini) AFC/JFC o-ring set

Voltrove V2 30mm(Mini) AFC/JFC o-ring set

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O-rings are in stock! Will ship within 24 hours.

The Mini Voltrove should be the best RTA you've ever used and always be dry! 
We at Voltrove are very sorry if you're having issues with o-rings on your "Mini" tanks. We have some thicker o-rings for free + shipping. 

These sets come with 4pcs 1.2mmx19mm o-rings.  Please only choose how many sets for tanks you have, as they're limited for now.

Not all of these RTAs have issues, though.  If you're not having an issue, there's no need for more o-rings.

Make sure when you tighten the top cap that the JFC is open, as the pressure from being closed can only go past the o-ring no matter how thick it is. 

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Voltrove directly here: