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Voltrove N1 Quad 18650 Sled(Ohm's Apprentice)

Voltrove N1 Quad 18650 Sled(Ohm's Apprentice)

$ 12.00

The Voltrove Quad 18650 sled is made from strong PETG and fits perfectly in the Alpinetech N1. It can be wired in quad parallel for super long battery life, para-series (8.4V) for the perfect mix of battery life and power, or quad series (16.8V) for knock out power at cloud competitions.
4 Keystone 228 positive contacts included
4 Keystone 209 negative contacts included
Ribbon slot in center for your choice of 3/8” ribbon for easy battery removal (ribbon not included)
9.25mm x 20mm channel under batteries for electronics management and super clean builds

***Pre-solder contacts before attaching them to the sled to avoid melting***
***Please ensure that the board, contacts, and all wiring are properly insulated from contact with the enclosure.***