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Modfather RDA(No glass)

Modfather RDA(No glass)

$ 30.00

Modfather 30mm RDAs in stock! 


We've been getting questions about the authenticity of these RDAs.  

There are no clones of these RDAs and our logo is even on box, as seen in the pictures. 

While we're not partners with Modfather, Inc. anymore, we used to be.

These are being sold cheap to liquidate them, as the glass was unsatisfactory. We assure you they are proper RDAs.


-Series deck(3 post, 4 hole)
-Parallel setup(with BF pin)
-Diameter = 30mm

Comes with:

-810 drip tip(Ultem) 
-Delrin chuff cap
-BF positive Pin
-Spares bag


-Please be aware that the resistance will be ~4x higher with dual coils in 3 post mode, as it's a series deck. The center post is 'floating'. 

-The BF pin also doubles as the pin for two post/parallel mode.  Whether you're squonking or not, the BF pin works just fine.  No leaking.