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G+ NLPWM Sled(Ohm's Apprentice)

G+ NLPWM Sled(Ohm's Apprentice)

$ 8.00

The G+ NLPWM sled is made from strong PETG and fits the Alpinetech 1590G+. If you are wanting to convert your old G+ to a NLPWM or don’t want to mess up those perfect engravings then this is the sled for you. All you have to do is drill a hole for you 12mm Mitec switch (sold separately) and a hole for your Source 510 (also sold separately). Everything else is internal when using this sled.
3 part design for build convenience
Positive and Negative polarity markings
Left side indention for clearance of fire switch nut for those slightly misplaced drillings. V2 of this sled will have the indention on both sides.
2 Keystone 228 contacts included to be used at the top of the sled
2 Keystone 209 contacts included to be used at the bottom of the sled
Bottom contact cover
Top cover with cutouts for 2 dome tactile switches (sold separately) with indicator arrows.

***Pre-solder contacts before attaching them to the sled to avoid melting***
***Please note that this sled is made specifically for use of off board switches that will need to be purchased separately***  

You can purchase switches here.

***Please ensure that the board, contacts, and all wiring are properly insulated from contact with the enclosure. Specifically the nut attaching the fire switch, bottom contacts and wires, as well as the NLPWM board itself.***