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Source 510 Connector (All Sizes)

Source 510 Connector (All Sizes)

$ 6.19

Key features:

  • Overall design supports a 510 length between 3.7 and 5.2mm
  • Stainless steel body - Outer thread M12x1
  • PTFE insulator and washer. 
  • Brass centre pin which accepts up to 12AWG wire
  • Brass toothed solder lug
  • 3mm thick 14mm wrench nut
  • Inverted internal retaining ring for extra pin clearance
  • Spring - Conical ASTM A228 Music Hard Drawn / Tempered wire providing slightly over 10N/1KG force at full compression

Can be soldered intact and fitted. Use flux and don't exceed the melting point of PTFE @ 327°C. No one has managed to melt one yet, just be careful.