Voltrove V2(35mm) SS

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We're out of stock, but you can find a 35mm V2 here.

We only have SS finish available and most likely won't be running these again.  Get one while you can! 


-304 stainless steel
-OD = 35mm
-Drip tip: 810 compatible(12.5mm) <--- Should fit most 810 drip tips.
-22mm two post deck
-3mm post holes
-m3 deck screws(hex)
-Glass(All future atomizers will have only glass)

    Regular W/tip  = ~72mm
    Regular           = 59mm
    Short  w/tip     = 49mm
    Short              = 62mm

In the box:

-Short kit
-2pcs total regular sized glass(all glass is clear)
-1pcs short sized glass(all glass is clear)
-1pcs spares bag including short chimney, o-rings and screws


The 35mm V2 has all the same features as the 30mm V2. 
-Threaded top cap
-Vertical airflow slots to decrease turbulence and avoid the whistle.

-Juice flow control
-Massive juice flow holes in deck


We recommend 4.5mm ID coils to be used with this RTA.  Ours works best with the coils flush with the top of posts and without thinning the wicks.

Wholesale inquiries: 

Voltrove isn't offering wholesale on these RTA at this time due to the limited quantity. 

International customers: 

Voltrove.com doesn't work with international cards.  If you try to order on here, it won't go through.
Please reach us at mark@voltrove.com if you'd like to order.