Voltrove V2(30mm) "Mini"

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Love the V2 big boy, but wishing you could get the same experience from a 30mm RTA?  We got you! The new Voltrove V2 "Mini" is here!  


-304 stainless steel
-OD = 30mm
-Drip tip: 810 compatible(12.5mm) <--- Should fit most 810 drip tips.
-19mm two post deck
-3mm post holes
-m3x4 deck screws(hex)
-Glass(All future atomizers will have only glass)

    Regular  = 64mm
    Short      = 53mm

    Regular  = 10ml-11ml
    Short      = 7ml-8ml

In the box:

-Short kit
-2pcs total regular sized glass(all glass is clear)
-1pcs short sized glass(all glass is clear)
-1pcs spares bag including short chimney, o-rings and screws


The "Mini" has all the same features as it's 41mm big brother, but in a small package! 

-Vertical airflow slots to decrease turbulence and avoid the whistle.
-Juice flow control
-Massive juice flow holes in deck


While this RTA is similar to the Modfather, it works best with 3.5-4mm ID coils and starts to shine around 150w. Wicking is the same as the Modfather that you're used to already. :) 

Wholesale inquiries: 

For wholesale inquiries, please email mark@voltrove.com

International customers: 

Voltrove.com doesn't work with international cards.  If you try to order on here, it won't go through.  Unfortunately, we're not shipping international retail orders anymore.  Sorry for the inconvenience.