Smart PWM V3(Rev C)

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SPWMV3 doesn't work with international cards, but you can also get Smart PWM V3 boards here:

Morning Mist Vaping Gear


SPWM V3 is here!  This is the smallest and most advanced modder board on the market!  

Quick start guide and diagrams link

New features such as:

Only 10x24mm footprint!

10k pot or up/down switches for control.

LED, 3 wire VM or analog VM for indicator/feedback.

No more trying to read the average output with a voltmeter!  We're controlling VM+ as well as VM sense so we can turn the VM on and off as well as control the voltage it reads.

We're actually selecting the output voltage(RMS) and the board does the rest.  Similar to the NLPWM, but with a standard 3 wire voltmeter!

These are for advanced modders.  If you've had success with the SPWM 2.2, you'll do great with the V3.  :)

We also carry other components that are compatible with the SPWM V3. 

10k Trimmer Pots

KSJ Dome Tactile Switches

0.28" 3 Wire Voltmeter(All Colors)

12mm Mitec Switches(All Colors)

16mm Mitech Switches