NLPWM V2.2(Newest model)

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We're out of stock, but you can get them from Lightn' Up Customs here.

The NLPWM V2.2 board is a variable voltage/variable wattage, all in one regulator(straight PWM) board where you actually select the output voltage(RMS) or output wattage instead of just the duty cycle!  It sports an on board 0.28", 3 digit, 7 segment display, on board fire/up/down switches and two N channel MOSFETs. Only 4 wires to the board! 

Features and specs:

Reverse polarity protection
Input voltage = 2s-5s(Automatically detected)
Low voltage cutoff = LiOn + LiPo + LiHv(user selectable)
Check unloaded voltage - Works like a standard voltmeter
Check loaded voltage - Keep an eye on battery sag + drop!
Resistance reading
Over current protection(60A - Still recommend adding fuses) 
Battery gauge
Switch between VV and VW modes
More features to come!

Displays now come in red, white, blue, yellow and green!

NOTE: The boards don't come with board mount kits. If you need one, please order the mount kit from the link below.

Compatible RGB LEDs are up! Click here.

NEW! Through hole mount kit

Epoxy Board Mount