NLPWM V2.2(Newest model)

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These boards are in stock, but won't start shipping until Monday, June 17th, 2019.

The NLPWM V2.2 board is a variable voltage/variable wattage, all in one regulator(straight PWM) board where you actually select the output voltage(RMS) or output wattage instead of just the duty cycle!  It sports an on board 0.28", 3 digit, 7 segment display, on board fire/up/down switches and two N channel MOSFETs. Only 4 wires to the board! 

Features and specs:

Reverse polarity protection
Input voltage = 2s-5s(Automatically detected)
Low voltage cutoff = LiOn + LiPo + LiHv(user selectable)
Check unloaded voltage - Works like a standard voltmeter
Check loaded voltage - Keep an eye on battery sag + drop!
Resistance reading
Over current protection(60A - Still recommend adding fuses) 
Battery gauge
Switch between VV and VW modes
More features to come!

Displays now come in red, white, blue, yellow and green!

NOTE: The boards don't come with board mount kits. If you need one, please order the mount kit from the link below.

Board Mount